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Why High-Quality Diced Mozzarella Is The Key Ingredient For The Perfect Pizza 

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When it comes to making a perfect pizza, the quality of the ingredients matters.  

True pizza connoisseurs know that high-quality diced mozzarella is essential for achieving peak flavour and texture, with an end result much better than cheap grated cheeses.

It’s not just about taste either; this delectable cheese adds an extra layer of visual appeal when done right.  

The secret lies in finding top-notch diced mozzarella cheese with a rich, creamy texture and nutty aroma. High-grade diced mozzarella cheese will elevate your pizzas by providing maximum flavour and savoury goodness in every bite. 🤫 

The best part?  You don’t have to spend more in the overall and our website gives you a great choice overall with all the benefits of great quality produce.

Our customers often tell us that good-quality diced mozzarella actually saves them money, as its easier for anyone to add a controlled amount to a pizza. Less is more indeed.

With so many options available on the market today, there’s no reason not to choose premium varieties like ours to drive your customer retention. So without further ado, let’s dive into why high-quality diced mozzarella should be at the heart of any great pizza recipe! 

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Definition Of Diced Mozzarella 

Diced mozzarella is one of the essential ingredients for a quality cheese pizza. It’s made from whole cow milk and comes in small cubes that melt quickly, making them perfect for pizza toppings.  

The cheese has a mild flavour that works well with other toppings, allowing you to create distinct blends of flavours on your pizza.

When selecting diced mozzarella for your pizzas, choosing high-quality options is important. Not only does this ensure consistent results each time you make a pie, but it also ensures great flavour and texture every time you bite into your creation! 

Benefits Of High-Quality Pizza Cheese 

The best pizzas start with the finest ingredients, and that’s why diced mozzarella is so important. High-quality cheese provides a richer flavour, creamy texture, and superior meltability to create the perfect pizza. 

Using high-quality mozzarella cheese allows for more sparing use, resulting in cost savings and delicious, visually appealing pizzas without ugly brown patches!

When selecting quality cheese for your pizza recipes, ideally look for cheeses made from fresh full fat, Red Tractor assured milk, like our Fior di latte Mozzarella Napoli Cut. Avoid processed cheese products such as pre-shredded packs of mozzarella, which often contain excess additives to keep them shelf stable and high amounts of palm oil.

For those looking to take their dishes one step further, consider trying higher fat levels of dairy – think of adding ricotta after cooking (as well as mozzarella) or mascarpone for sweet pizzas. Higher fat content creates an even richer flavour and smoother consistency than lower fat alternatives! With this in mind, let us now turn our attention towards tips for choosing quality cheese for all your favourite recipes. 

great diced mozzarella cheese gives a great cheese pull!

Tips For Choosing Quality Cheese 

Choosing the right mozzarella for pizza is like finding a needle in a haystack. You’ll need to pick high-quality cheese to get that perfect melt-in-your-mouth topping. Here are some tips for choosing the best diced mozzarella for your business:

Look at the colour of the cheese. The ideal mozzarella should be an even pale yellow hue with no discolouration and no signs of mould or mildew. It should also have a smooth texture without any lumps or bumps. A good way to tell if it’s fresh is by its smell; it should be slightly sweet and milky – not sour or pungent! 

If possible, taste it before buying! Even though grated cheeses can save time when making pizzas, they often contain stabilisers that add to their shelf life but detract from the flavour. Diced mozzarella provides more control over how thickly each slice is covered with cheese as well as a better taste. So go ahead and give it a try – you won’t regret it! 

The key takeaway here? Quality matters when selecting cheese as your favourite dish – choose wisely and savour every bite! With these tips in mind, let’s move on to the popular varieties of mozzarella available today… 

Popular Varieties Of Mozzarella 

When it comes to pizza, mozzarella is king; it’s the essential ingredient, but there are wide varieties of mozzarella available on the market today, and each has its own unique characteristics: 

Fresh Mozzarella: Fresh mozzarella is soft and milky in texture with a mild flavour that pairs perfectly with tomatoes and basil on your favourite Neapolitan-style pizza. Note that if using on pizza, it is best to press it to remove as much moisture as possible before cooking with it, or you can end up with a very soggy pizza.

Low-Moisture Mozzarella: Typically diced his type of cheese is firmer than others, making it ideal for shredding onto pizzas or grating into dishes like lasagna. Its also perfect for the high temperatures of wood fired pizza ovens, melting just in time as the crust starts to brown.

Fior di latte: As the name implies this is made from the “flower of milk” and is a whole milk mozzarella offering superior flavour and creaminess compared to regular mozzarella. It is available in both fresh and low-moisture diced or “Napoli” cut variations. The only choice for many professional pizzaiolos.

Bocconcini: This small ball-shaped variety packs more punch when it comes to flavour and is great for topping salads or filling sandwiches. 

Stracciatella: Combining shredded mozzarella curds with cream creates a smooth yet rich taste that is perfect for adding depth to your classic margarita pizza. 

Burrata: Combining a classic ball of fresh mozzarella, stuffed with creamy stracciatella, this is truly the queen of mozzarellas. Serve on top of a classicaly Italian pizza with “prosciutto cotto”, fresh pesto and olive oil, or as a creamy element to tone down a fiery “nduja”.

No matter which kind you choose, high-quality mozzarella will always make all the difference in creating the perfect pizza—and luckily, dicing it properly is easy! 

How To Dice Your Own Mozzarella

Dicing mozzarella for the perfect pizza is an art form. It takes skill, precision and a little finesse to ensure each cheese cube is exactly the same size as the last – no small feat! This may seem daunting; however, with a few simple tricks, anyone can become a master at dicing mozzarella in no time. 

The first step is to select your block of high-quality mozzarella. You want fresh, firm, yet slightly soft cheese for the best results. Cut off any hard rinds before slicing them into cubes – this will make it easier to dice more evenly later on. Once your blocks are sliced up, it’s time to start dicing. 

Now comes the tricky part: making sure all those cubes are equal in size and shape. Achieving this perfection level when cutting cheese requires patience and practice – but don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfectly right away! Begin by using a sharp chef’s knife or vegetable cutter to slice the cheese into thin strips about ¼ inch thick before moving onto smaller cubes. Make sure you always use smooth sawing motions and keep turning your block of cheese so that every side gets cut equally well. In addition to keeping a steady hand, take extra care not to press down too hard while cutting, as this could cause uneven edges. 

By following these steps closely, you can create consistent cubes that look great and melt smoothly over the top of delicious handmade pizzas. You can control how much cheese to include. 

When selecting quality mozzarella and taking care during the cutting process, various factors, including taste and texture, can affect how well your pizza turns out. Next, we’ll discuss what makes up the perfect combination for creating mouthwatering pies every time… 

Sounds too much like hard work? Luckily for you, our 10mm Diced Mozzarella does it all for you; has excellent stretch and authentic flavour and ready to use right from the packet. A little added starch prevents clumping and makes it easier to use.

diced mozzarella cheese is suitable for a vegetarian


Diced mozzarella cheese is essential for the perfect pizza – no matter what flour you use or how hot your oven gets. High-quality diced mozzarella cheese creates a creamy, melty texture that can’t be replicated with pre-shredded cheese (grated cheese).

When selecting diced mozzarella cheese, a good test to determine its quality is to see how quickly it melts when placed on top of a hot slice of pizza fresh out of the oven. If it melts quickly and uniformly into a gooey layer of deliciousness, then you know you have high-quality mozzarella! 

For more help, don’t hesitate to ask us for more product information, and we will be happy to guide you through all our product details, stock availability, delivery options and any other questions that you may have. 01926 611767.

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