Pinsa Romana

Pinsa Romana was first developed in Rome at the turn of the century and has become somewhat of a sensation in Italy and further afield with its incredibly light cloud-like texture.

Distinct from pizza, our pinsa romana is made using sourdough starter, wheat, rice and soy flours and a remarkable hydration level of 80%! A long, slow fermentation then lovingly hand stretched and par-baked, pinsa romana offers a light airy dough, which develops a wonderfuly crisp exterior once cooked.

Compared to pizza, pinsa is Lighter, Crispier and more Digestible and incredibly simple to prepare in any style of commercial or domestic oven.

Don’t be fooled by focaccia’s pretending to be be pinsa. Not all pinsa is equal, but we have the real deal!

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Showing all 3 results