Liquid Herbs Display Stands & Stock Deals

Kick-off your liquid herb journey in style and save 15% on your first stock, with our POS units which are supplied free & come complete with stock and recipe leaflets.

By positioning these next to your fresh produce or butchery counter, these displays can pack as much visual punch as they do flavour!

  • Countertop display comes with 1 x 12 of four varieties – please state in the notes which varieties you would like to begin with.
  • Single floor display (floor space of 40x30cm) comes with 1 x 12 of all eleven varieties
  • Double floor display (floor space of 60x40cm) comes with 2 x 12 of all eleven varieties.

Additional information

Stand Size

Countertop Display + 1×12 of 4 varieties, Single Floor Display + 1×12 of 11 varieties, Double Floor Display + 2×12 of 11 varieties, Countertop Display unit only (no stock), Single Floor Display unit only (no stock), Double Floor Display unit only (no stock)