Beech Pizza Oven Briquettes – 14kg

Purposely designed for wood-fired pizza ovens in restaurants, the Leonardo 100% Beech pizza briquettes are produced from high quality finely-ground compressed Italian beech, Leonardo are clean and additive free without noxious chemicals ideal for cooking.

The Leonardo log is 6 sided and designed to prevent roll in the oven, improve air flow compared to a standard log and improve combustion, making for a hotter burn with great flame – perfect for your pizza, with just the right amount of char to the base.

The consistent burn and long-lasting embers of the Leonardo pizza briquette allow you to easily maintain the perfect temperature for your pizza oven. Extra cost efficiency is achieved as it can be snapped into sections and applied as and when cooking or temperature top ups demand.

Clean and less than 1% Ash it Leonardo will burn leaving little residue and a cleaner flue.